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Need more Patience? Learn about how to connect to yourself and your spouse!

Many parents don't tap into their source of creativity, patience and joy. Go straight to the source and get your power and energy back. Increase your patience and explore a whole new world of intimacy and joy. This course was a game-changer for me! I learned so much, I learned to communicate about my wants and needs and it has reenergized my battery so that I can be the best mom, partner and lover I can be. 

Sign up for Vaginal Kung Fu with me! 

This is the first time I am attending VKF, join me! Strengthen your body from the inside out.


Many women struggle with incontinence and weak pelvic floor muscles. Come and do some weightlifting with me. 

Find out how to find more joy and patience in your daily life.


Salon begins February 8th, but you can still sign up with this link:

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