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Parent Coaching & Behavioural Consultation

Work with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

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Not All Behaviour Analysts (or Behaviour Consultants) Are Created Equal

Andrea has a master's degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), which is the study of how organisms learn. My favourite types of organisms are parents and kids! How does your child learn best? What are their strengths and challenges? What strategies help them to be responsible for their own feelings and manage tough situations on their own with confidence? Andrea seeks to work collaboratively with parents to help them see the patterns in the chaos. Kids do better when they can, so what skills do they need to practice to be successful? We look together for creative and long terms solutions that you can use as your children progress from preschool to school aged to adults. You won't get any judgement from Andrea, she has made MANY mistakes in her parenting journey and seeks to help those parents who want to upgrade their ability to attune to their children and be the parent their kids need them to be moment to moment.

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