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Online & In-Person Services

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Are You Worried You May Be Making it Worse?


Are You Tired Of Losing It?

Are You Running On Empty?

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You came to the right place!

  1. Learn to understand and manage emotions.

  2. Model amazing emotional regulation skills for your children.

  3. Understand challenging behaviour and respond to behaviour differently.

  4. Support growth and learning for all members of your family.

1:1 Parent Coaching & Behavioural Consultation

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We can't give what we don't have. Our own parents tried their best. Just like we upgrade our phones and computers, so too must we upgrade our parenting techniques and strategies. Learn how you can help your child(ren) when they have big feelings. Set them up for success and break generational trauma at the same time.

Real Time Support When You Need It.


When you or your children are having big feelings it can be difficult to know what to do or say. Get specific feedback for situations in real time to help build the neural pathways you need through text or phone support, debrief afterwards to ensure you hit the mark or know what to do next time.

Prepare for and Understand the Assessment and Report

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Prepare for your child's assessments so that you can answer their questions thoughtfully and fully. Review the completed report to break down recommendations and plan practical  opportunities to learn in your daily lives.


Help your child learn and reach their FULL POTENETIAL

Learn about Autism, Anxiety, ADHD, How Our Bodies Respond To Stress & What We Can Do about it

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Understand what is going on in your home by learning about  autism, anxiety, adhd, and emotional dysregulation. Understanding how your kids work and what they need is half the battle!

Professional Development, Workshops, Speaking Engagements

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Schedule a workshop in your area about topics such as creating healthy families at home, at school and in the classroom, the importance of co-regulation and understanding our own triggers as parents and teachers or suggest your own topic!

School and Home Observations


Do you cringe when your phone rings or it's time for pick up? Are you embarrassed, worried, or concerned about the negative things the teachers are waiting to share with you? Do you feel you could use more support at IEP and other school meetings? Full Potential Kids works along side parents, teachers and students to support success in and outside of school.

Moer about Consultation
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Parent Coaching & Behavioural Consultation

Work with a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

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Andrea has a master's degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), which is the study of how organisms learn. My favourite types of organisms are parents and kids! How does your child learn best? What are their strengths and challenges? What strategies help them to be responsible for their own feelings and manage tough situations on their own with confidence? Andrea seeks to work collaboratively with parents to help them see the patterns in the chaos. Kids do better when they can, so what skills do they need to practice to be successful? We look together for creative and long terms solutions that you can use as your children progress from preschool to school aged to adults. You won't get any judgement from Andrea, she has made MANY mistakes in her parenting journey and seeks to help those parents who want to upgrade their ability to attune to their children and be the parent their kids need them to be moment to moment.

Not All Behaviour Analysts (or Behaviour Consultants) Are Created Equal

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