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Need More Patience?

Are you fighting and blaming your spouse often?
Angry for no reason?
Are you irritable and exhausted all the time?
Do your kids insist on sleeping in your bed?
Do you sleep in separate rooms?

Learn to Become a Well F**ked Woman


Your sex life is the missing piece of your health

Many parents don't tap into their source of creativity, patience and joy. Go straight to the source and get your power and energy back. Increase your patience and explore a whole new world of intimacy and joy.
This course helped me get back in touch with my body. To really appreciate and love it again. I've learned so much about what I like, how and what to ask for. I guess I really didn't know what sex and intimacy was supposed to be like. I feel my standards have risen and I feel so much closer to my husband. 

Want to know more about Andrea's Experience of the salons? 

Alexa Young, CA

In a sea of never-ending health advice, we dive deep into every facet of
nutrition, movement, supplements, biohacking, and mental health.
But one topic still hasn’t gotten the air time it deserves.


No one has opened up the conversation about the incredible, almost miraculous benefits that
having a gourmet, consistent, and orgasmic sex life will do for your health.
That is, except one person. . . Kim Anami.


Kim is a holistic sex and relationship coach who has been shouting from the rooftops about the
incredible healing and transformative power that sex can have on your health and life.
We all know to a degree that sex is good for us— but I don’t think we realize just how much.


Simply put, life-changing sex makes anything


In this 8-week online e-course, or “salon” housed online in a private members’ area.

Participants will be guided week-by-week in a deep and comprehensive education and re-education

of all things related to female sexuality.

This is the baseline for every single relationship.

Even yours!


Registration Opens: June 26th -July 12th!!!


Today is the last day to Register!!!


Salon Starts: July 13th 2024

Andrea's Thoughts

My Experience

It's hard to put in words what this course has done for my relationship with myself and my husband. But I'll try. I've always been kind of irritable and annoyed by a lot of things, often by my husband. I would say sarcastic things, pick at him, I had difficulty appreciating him and loving him fully. Now I know why...I've been under fucked for the last 20 years. First I listened to all of Kim's podcasts. I thought she was a bit "out there" but you don't have to believe all that she believes, I took what resonated and made sense to me. I feel I was able to retain my faith while learning about the body God gave me.

As a catholic woman, I didn't really know what gourmet sex looked and felt like. I kind of just thought "we'd just know" or at least figure it out together. But we didn't. There were times in my marriage that I could take or leave sex, it was ok, but didn't rock my world... my libido was low and the cultural conditioning I had absorbed told me that was "normal". I felt embarrassed to ask for what I wanted, I would rush through the parts about me because I was uncomfortable feeling vulnerable, was embarrassed about my body. Somewhere I had internalized that feeling pleasure was somehow bad or selfish, I was more comfortable giving pleasure to my partner. 

If you are on the fence about taking this salon... I promise you, you won't regret it. 

There was so much to unpack and find out what was blocking me from fully showing up when we were intimate. After that it was developing a relationship with my vagina that was next. So many woman are disconnected from their vagina, for a variety of reasons. I had to fully integrate her into my body and love her, if I couldn't then how could I expect anyone else to?

Next came playing and practicing. The homework, scratch that, -homeplay was amazing and all of Kim's promises really were true!! It's not just for some women, God created every woman to find and cherish her divine feminine and to experience orgasms that brings them to God. That help regulate her nervous system, reset her body and mind and allow for patience and love to flow from her to her husband and her children. 

It's not all fun and games, it is hard work to build different neural pathways that lead me to a deeper love and surrender to my husband and my Creator. I am still in the process of this very important work. Trying to be in control all the time has made my goal of utter surrender seem scary, but not scary bad, scary thrilling and exciting. Hearing other women's stories of struggle and breakthroughs is always inspiring and we keep in touch. 

My understanding of how people learn (I'm a behaviour Analyst) helps me understand the underpinnings of why Kim's work really does work. What really sealed the deal for me, how her work has helped hundreds of women who've experienced trauma and sexual abuse. If those strong women could learn how to have deep, totally surrendered sex with their partners so could I. 

Again, if you are even just thinking about it... DO IT. (And then get your husband/ partner to take Sexual Mastery for Men. That is the other piece of the puzzle.)

Kim's work has been a game changer in my marriage of 20 years!

If you have any questions about my experience, don't hesitate to reach out and text me 250 241 7333

Who is the Well F**ked Woman for?

Click here to have all your questions answered

The Well-F**ked Woman Salon by Kim Anami is for EVERY woman, of EVERY life stage. EVERY
woman can be a Well-F**ked Woman. Whatever age or stage you are at in your life, you can
achieve all of the epic sexual adventures and milestones I talk about.
All women can!

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